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Get the facts on substance abuse with our handy guides to various substances, associated risks, county and state statistics, prevention tips, and more!

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Did you know that drinking alcohol as an adolescent can impact your brain development? Get these facts and more, and learn how you can prevent underage drinking.


20% of youth aged 12-17 who use marijuana will become addicted. Get the facts on marijuana here!


Get the facts on the leading cause of preventable death in the US and learn how you can prevent tobacco use.


Why is vaping so dangerous? Get the facts here and learn how you can avoid this harmful addiction.

Prescription Drugs

When used without a prescription, these drugs can cause serious effects. Get the facts here!

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Test Your Knowledge

Take our substance quizzes and see how well you know the facts about substance abuse!


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Resources for parents to help prevent underage substance abuse, including conversation guides, fact sheets, online resources, and more!

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Resources for youth to help learn the risks and prevent substance abuse, including apps, games, websites, media, and more!