Mental Health Resources

Discover an array of invaluable resources dedicated to mental health, providing you with the knowledge and support needed for a journey towards well-being.


Online Resources

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

This webpage from SAMHSA provides additional information and resources for strengthening suicide prevention and mental health crisis services.

Georgia DBHDD
Mental Health for Adults

DBHDD provides mental health services for adults in Georgia including psychiatric services, counseling, residential support, and peer programming.

National Institute of Mental Health

The NIMH website provides comprehensive information, resources, and the latest research on a range of mental health topics.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The ASFP website offers resources, support, and education to prevent suicide and promote mental health.

National Alliance on Mental Illness for Teens

This section of the NAMI website provides a wealth of valuable resources and support for teens dealing with mental health challenges to help with the journey into young adulthood.

MHA Georgia
Mental Health America of Georgia

MHA Georgia is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mental health challenges as well as promoting mental wellness throughout Georgia.

Georgia Hope Website

Georgia HOPE is a community-based provider of mental health, substance use, and family preservation services in the state of Georgia.

Mental Health | CDC

The CDC website offers a wide range of resources, tools, and information on mental health to promote awareness, prevention, and support.

Engagement Materials

You Are Not Alone: Infographic

Mental Health Care Matters: Infographic

Warning Signs of Mental Illness: Infographic

Suicide is NOT the Answer: Infographic

Digital Shareables for Youth Mental Health

This webpage from the NIMH provides a collection of digital shareables to help raise awareness about the importance of child and adolescent mental health.

Mental Health America
Mental Health Screening Tests

The webpage from Mental Health America (MHA) provides many online screening tests to help individuals assess their mental health and find resources for support and treatment.

Quiz: Mental Health Myths

Challenge your misconceptions and combat stigma around mental illness by taking this quiz from the CDC to test your knowledge of mental health myths vs. facts.